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Photobucket Hack

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Photobucket LogoHere's an interesting hack for all you Photobucket users out there. This hack, from the MySpace Hacks blog, allows you to view all the pictures in anyone's Photobucket album. And you only need to have access to one of their photos to do it!

So, how do you do it? Well, first off you have to be signed into your Photobucket account. Then according to the hack author:

1. You need to have access to a picture the person posted via photobucket..i.e on their myspace, webpage, livejournal etc. or you can try searching for their user name on photobucket.

2. Ok, if you found and image, right click and select properties

3. Open Notepad, or some sort of web publisher. Copy & paste the image location. It would look something like this for example:

4. Now, here's the actual photobucket hack: (you'll have to copy & paste it line by line sorry)

5. So what your going to want to do is look at the image url you saved and take the "d127" (or whatever yours is) and put it where the "xxxx" is in the code. Then take the album NAME, which in my example code would be "wawadhsjkd" and put it where it says "username"

6. Copy the entire code and put it in your url bar in your web browser.

7. It will take you to a page with alot of XML information. Basically that's all the image information in that particular photobucket account. You will see the names for each picture, copy the image name of the pic you want to see and put it in the FIRST code you saved.. ( in this code the word "us" is the name of the image, replace that with the image name you want to see that you got from the XML page.
It's as simple as that...happy viewing! :)

To check out the whole hack click here.