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MacBook Anti-Theft Alarm Hack

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Mac Anti-Theft AlarmWell, seeing since I've been featuring a lot of Windows/PC hacks lately, I thought it was high time I Mac things up a bit. So, today we're going to learn how to set up an anti-theft alarm on our MacBooks!

I'm sure most of you are aware that you can rotate the display of an iPhone simply by turning the iPhone to one side or the other. This is made possible by the iPhone's built-in Accelerometer, which senses the movement of the iPhone and adjusts the display accordingly. But, the Accelerometer isn't an iPhone-only tool, it's also a built-in feature on all Mac laptops (i.e. the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air) but is called Sudden Motion Sensor (SMS) on the Mac's. It's this SMS feature along with a program called JackSMS that allows us to set up our Mac's anti-theft alarm.

So, how do we set up our Mac anti-theft alarm? Well, according to Jeffry Thurana's article on

The first time JackSMS is opened; it will automatically display the Preferences screen. Here users can set several things according to their preferences.

Mac Anti-Theft Alarm

Some of the settings are:

  • Whether to launch the app automatically at every login
  • Whether to set the sound every time the application is on or off.
  • If user uses Apple Remote control, choose which button of the Apple Remote Control to use to activate/deactivate the app.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of SMS and the duration of the alarm.

There are some special settings to choose to be implemented when the alarm goes off:

1. Send mobile text. Only applicable for US mobile numbers.

Mac Anti-Theft Alarm

2. Email picture captured by iSight, to help you identify the thief.

Anytime you need to reconfigure, the Preferences is accessible through the menubar icon.

Mac Anti-Theft Alarm

JackSMS also comes with sample AppleScript and PhoneEvents script for Salling Clicker and BluePhoneElite.

Very cool! Enjoy all!! :-)


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