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YouTube Hack: Link To The Exact Minutes/Seconds In YouTube Videos

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YouTube LogoI know you've all been in this situation before: you're watching a really long YouTube video, when you come across a part that's so epically hilarious, you want to tweet it to all your friends. Alas, that really epic part is about 5 minutes into the damned video, and you're friends would have to watch the whole 5 minutes just to get to the good stuff. Well, maybe you could let them know the exact time where the video starts getting good. But then they'd have to open the video, pause it, wait for it to load, and then move the progress slider on the player to the right part. By the time they've done all that, they'll be so pissed at you that they'll just block you on Twitter...okay, maybe not, but I'm sure they'll be pretty annoyed. If only there was an easier way! Well, you're in luck, because there is an easier way and I'm going to teach you just how to do it. What kind of a friend would I be if I didn't? :-)

While listening to the Geek News Central podcast last night, Todd Cochrane (the host) mentioned a great little tip he had come across on how to link to the exact minutes/seconds in a YouTube video. How is it done? Well, let's say you're watching the YouTube video of the girl who falls off the platform while crushing grapes, located here:

But, you only want your friends to start watching the video from where it starts picking up steam, which is at about 43 seconds in. By adding the following #t=??m??s (replace the question marks (?) with the actual minutes and seconds) to the end of the URL, when anyone clicks on that link, they'll be taken to that exact point in the YouTube video. So, using the "crushing grapes" example above, we would add #t=00m43s (i.e. oo minutes, 43 seconds) to the end of our URL to get:

Pretty neat huh? Enjoy all! :-)

Via Geek News Central Podcast, ResearchBuzz, and Matt Cutts

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