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My New "Nerd Eh!" Blog

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Hellooooo out there!!

I know, I know! It's been a long time (way too long, actually) since I last posted on The Daily Hack, and unfortunately I won't be posting anything else in the foreseeable future, either! The Daily Hack has served it's purpose over the years and it's now time to put out to pasture. Now, don't worry, this blog won't be going anywhere and you'll still be able to access all of it's just won't be updated anymore.

That said, I WILL be updating my new blog: Nerd Eh! 

What is Nerd Eh!, you ask? Well, it's a blog for nerds, geeks, gamers, and Internet junkies...people just like you and me. Will there be hacks/mods/tips like the ones featured on The Daily Hack? OF COURSE! But, I will also be featuring cool gadgets, epic videos, and basically anything and everything nerdy.

So, if you like The Daily Hack and want similar content and much, much more, come join me at: