How to Increase Business Engagement Using Instagram Stories?

Instagram today is the most famous app used all over the world for various purposes like sharing videos, photos, and social networking. It has multiple features which has made things quite easy and enjoyable; for instance, Instagram stories. Instagram stories first caught the public eye around 2 years back when everybody alleged it to have been copied from Snapchat. On the contrary, it’s actually a better version of Snapchat and now has almost 400 million daily active users from across the globe.


Why Should We Use Instagram Stories?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. Instagram stories can help increase business engagement because through stories it presents to the audiences a comprehensive idea of what’s happening around the world. You can build brand awareness, boost your engagement, drive attention to your websites and even engage in making e-commerce sales. Doing this won’t just attract the people interested in business but also the ordinary folks which might become potential customers.  


How to Use Instagram Stories for Business Engagement?

New to the concept of Instagram stories? Well, here is a quick beginner’s guide for you:

  • When you open the app and log in, you will come across a camera icon in the top left corner.
  • Click that, and it will allow you to take pictures or videos. You can even add photos and videos from your gallery. There are several other options as well, like boomerang, superzoom, hands-free, rewind and you can go live as well.
  • Tapping the screen will also bring in the type option where you can write anything you like with different fonts and colors.
  • You can tag with ‘@’ username and share a hashtag with a ‘#.’

If you successfully follow the steps mentioned above, you will have your first story! However, posting a story doesn’t guarantee visitors. For that, you need to have an existing follower base. In case, you are new, we have something for you as well. You can now buy Instagram story views, and it’s not a bad thing because it’s an efficient way to market your business.


A Strategy for Business

As you know, tons of people are using Instagram stories for various purposes on a daily basis, so you need to come up with a good strategy for your business while you combine it with Instagram stories. If your story gets featured on the explore page, then it could get you tons of new followers and engagement. Remember to post your stories on a specific time when your followers seem to be active and post stuff that is related to your content while also knowing what your followers expect from you.


A Tip to Follow

People love to see new and rich content that is fun, light-hearted and promotional. Don’t be too focused on your business, try to add stories which are fun and goofy as well. It could be anything from your furry cat playing with a ball to you having tea at your office. Instagram is all about exploring new things daily and learning from each other. Discover and create your own ways and don’t forget to buy Instagram story views from a trusted source.